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Our People

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Although the industry in which we operate has become increasingly dependent upon technology, the cornerstone of our success and that of our clients’ investments is the quality of our personnel. We judiciously choose our wealth counselors and investment professionals and evaluate them using a rigorous recruitment procedure. Upon joining Royston Carr Asset Management, they must undergo a demanding training program that lasts the duration of their time with us. Even our most experienced professionals are often surprised by the remarkably extensive training we insist upon in order that they are able to meet our clients’ expectations.

As far as our people are concerned, the over-riding objective at Royston Carr Asset Management is the development of a culture that serves to distinguish us from the rest and an environment in which all our personnel are able to work at peak operative efficiency. So that we and, by extension, our clients’ portfolios perform at their best, we focus on taking the concept of teamwork to a high, consistently-maintained level whilst ensuring that individuals are still able to take ownership and responsibility for the part their role plays in the broader operation and success of the practice.

Our near-symbiotic culture means we are able to attract some of the market’s best wealth and investment management luminaries and, in addition, we encourage them to align their own personal interests with those of the firm and our clients by becoming stakeholders in the practice.

Royston Carr Asset Management makes a deep commitment to our clients. As well as delivering the investment performance their portfolios deserve, it is our aim to provide a level of service that is second to none. In our view, this aim can only be achieved by keeping the number of client relationships our advisors focus upon at any one time as low as possible. This means they can provide clients with the requisite level of focus and care they have every right to expect.