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Advisory Management

Advisory Management

Non-Discretionary Management

Like the Discretionary Management Service, Royston Carr Asset Management’s Non-Discretionary Service oversees and monitors your investments for you, providing you with the peace of mind that comes with knowing your wealth is being managed by professionals.

Again, the service leverages the expertise of our investment managers who ensure that your portfolio stays on target to achieve your desired investment returns while actively managing risk to the agreed levels. The main difference is that you have final approval on all decisions before they are executed. This service adopts multi-asset investment allocation with an emphasis towards passive investments.

Latest investment opportunities

We continually research novel investment opportunities for our clients. With that in mind, we identify the best assets, seek out the most appropriate 3rd party fund managers and deploy the strategies that we think give your portfolio the best chance of achieving its objectives. We look at equities, bonds, commodities, ETFs and the latest IPOs and, if deemed suitable, bring them to you for your consideration.

Professionally risk-managed

Among the first things we consider when planning the investment strategy your portfolio will follow is your appetite for investment risk. Crucially, this is where we determine how comfortable you’re likely to be with fluctuations in the value of your portfolio and the potential for loss. The overarching aim here is to create the most ideal environment for your investments to reach their target growth while respecting the fact that the final word on what is incorporated into the portfolio lies with you.

Reduced risk via asset allocation

Geo-politics, economic cycles and political uncertainty; all can impact upon the efficacy of even the best-planned strategies and the performance of various assets. Therefore, Royston Carr constructs portfolios using assets that perform differently under certain circumstances, so that some will appreciate strongly while other holdings in the portfolio are performing weakly. This asset allocations strategy can help smooth out the volatility of investment returns while ensuring your portfolio remains balanced.

We actively monitor your portfolio

Our portfolio managers constantly review portfolio performance to ensure that they remain on target to deliver the returns you need. From time to time, we may recommend adjustments that could result in a stock or holding being sold or more of a particular asset being bought. Regardless, anything we purchase must be approved by you before we can implement.