Our Approach

Disciplined Portfolio Construction

Our Approach

Profiling Client Risk

In years past, a client would be pigeon-holed into one of three risk categories - Balanced, Cautious or Adventurous. This is now considered anathema at Royston Carr Asset Management. There are far too many variables at play to seriously consider placing a client into one of only three categories and, consequently, we undertake a careful risk assessment of each client with the aim of building a risk profile as individual as they are.

At Royston Carr Asset Management, we accept the existence of risk as an unavoidable factor in all investment; regardless of how “safe” it is perceived to be. We aim to mitigate risk, thereby preserving and protecting accumulated wealth, without limiting the potential for building upon it. Furthermore, we accept that risk attitude can change markedly during a person’s life. With this in mind, we review the profile regularly to ensure that the portfolio is risk balanced to the client’s changing attitude.

Portfolio Construction

To achieve the targets and objectives that we identify with our clients, Royston Carr Asset Management utilizes a disciplined construction process that spreads funds throughout various asset classes and market sectors. Our advisers possess unrivalled knowledge of the markets in which we operate and, equally importantly, the ability to explain the workings therein in plain language. We believe that in the spirit of openness, we have a responsibility to ensure that our clients are well-informed about their investments as this creates a sense of security and reduces misunderstandings.

As Royston Carr Asset Management has no allegiance or obligation to any product provider or group thereof, we are able to access funds, products and markets of our choosing. We utilize equities, commodities, bonds and mutual funds/ETFs in the construction of our portfolios and, furthermore, we build flexibility into each one so that composition can be adjusted as and when macro-economic or individual client requirements dictate.