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Discretionary Management

Discretionary Management

Peace of Mind

Royston Carr Asset Management’s Discretionary Management Service oversees your investments for you, providing the peace of mind that comes with knowing your wealth is in a safe pair of hands. By deploying the expertise of one of our professional investment managers, we provide a wealth management service that adheres to a strictly-enforced level of risk that safeguards your capital and limits the downside potential it is exposed to.

Supporting our Investment Managers is a team of highly-qualified portfolio managers who monitor and adapt your portfolio to take advantage of changing landscapes within the financial markets. You can be utterly confident that your investments are receiving expert attention.

Latest investment opportunities

As a practice, our job is to continually research new investment opportunities for our clients. To that end, we seek out the best assets and fund managers and implement the strategies most likely to achieve your investment objectives. We consider stocks, fixed income, commodities, mutual funds and new initial public offerings (IPOs) depending on your specific risk profile.

Professionally risk managed

The first thing we consider when designing the investment strategy our portfolio will pursue is your risk tolerance. This is where we gauge how comfortable you are with variations in the value of your portfolio and the potential for loss. The over-riding aim here is to give the portfolio the best chance at growing sufficiently to meet your objectives but without taking greater risks than you are prepared to accept.

Reduced risk via asset allocation

Asset classes or investment strategies perform differently depending upon various factors including economic and geopolitical factors as well as cyclical issues. Consequently, we construct the portfolio using assets that behave differently, so that some will be performing strongly while the other components in the portfolio are preforming weakly. This methodology can even out the peaks and troughs of investment return while ensuring your portfolio is balanced.

We actively monitor your portfolio

Our portfolio managers constantly review portfolio performance to ensure that they remain on target to deliver the returns you need. From time to time, we may recommend adjustments that could result in a stock or holding being sold or more of a particular asset being bought. Regardless, anything we purchase will never carry more risk than that which we have agreed with you.