Our Methodology

Building Your Investment Roadmap

Our Methodology

Investment Advice

Royston Carr Asset Management believes that it is impossible to provide good investment advice unless we know exactly what we are working with. For us, the very notion of operating a revolving door approach to investment planning where a client ends up with a pre-prepared, one-size-fits-all portfolio is utter anathema.

What We Look For

Trite as it may sound, all clients are unique and require solutions that have been specifically built to address their individual circumstances. To ensure we satisfy this most basic requirement, we undertake a form of due diligence on each client to ascertain their tolerances for investment risk, their plans for the future – both short and long-term – and we also evaluate their investment return expectations.

Our approach demands that we look closely at existing investments, cash flow, liabilities (including mortgages and business finance) and that we pay particular attention to tax status.

Steering The Ship

Royston Carr Asset Management’s investment planning aims to provide our clients with a roadmap to follow; a course optimized to steer through the continually changing waters of their investment lives because, ultimately, if one deviates from a well charted course, investment can become infinitely more complex, risky and costly than many have resources to deal with. The first meeting with Royston Carr Asset Management involves an objective review of your personal circumstances including your income and overall financial situation. Your goals, such as educating children privately or a comfortable retirement, are taken into consideration and noted.

Ground-up Construction

Building from the ground up in this manner enables us to make recommendations to help you reach those goals. That is not to say that there is no element of flexibility built in to the portfolio. On the contrary, each Royston Carr Asset Management portfolio is designed to be adaptable to the changes that can occur in everyone’s life. This means providing the facility to liquidate a position or an investment without incurring highly punitive costs should the need arise.

In summation, our approach is based on:

  • Appreciating your investment needs
  • Determining your attitude to investment risk
  • The construction of a flexible portfolio