Private Clients

Bespoke Portfolio Management

Private Clients


Royston Carr Asset Management’s approach to investment stems from our belief that everything should be underpinned by prudent and sensible financial planning. Still, the approach owes as much to common sense as it does to any innovative or novel thought process. To us, it is inconceivable that an investment strategy can be implemented without first taking into account the individual circumstances of the client.

In line with our commitment to transparency and openness, we outline the key steps we take to foster security and confidence in our assertion that our clients are in the best hands.

High-net Worth

Here at Royston Carr Asset Management, we prefer to see wealth as being a means to an end rather than the end itself. In our experience of dealing with successful, high net worth clients, they nearly all regard the accumulation of wealth as an aspect of the journey rather than the final destination.

We believe that by building bespoke portfolios consisting of highly diversified asset classes, it is possible for clients to choose the right portfolio risk/reward profile that ensures they are able to meet their investment objectives within their chosen time horizon without exposing their wealth to high levels of risk.

Our practice has been built on our inherent ability to identify assets that are intrinsically undervalued be they equities, commodities or fixed income instruments. We buy low and sell high - it’s the oldest strategy in the world but, as so many of our rivals have discovered, it remains the hardest to adhere to.